Chloe Tang - Hype Lyrics

I've gotta be honest, yeah
you might be living in a perfect world
you got your company following your every move
they say she beautiful, she better than the best but

you let that shit get to your head
and cruise so high above the rest
but I gotta say that
I know it's your life, like
do you how you like it
I don't necessarily agree with how you treatin it
everything aside, you're not really my type
people lose their shit for this but
I don't think you're worth the hype

Not trying to be partial yeah
but I think that ego is the root of all this
you puff your attitude, always bringing down my mood
you always hiding something just so you can feel cool

and maybe I'm wrong about this, I'm wrong about this
but now that I saw it out loud, I'm don't with all this, I'm done with all this
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