Quinn XCII - Two 10s Lyrics

I hear the rumors outside decide to not call your bluff
it’s time to delegate wise is what we have planned enough
It’s no problem come over later my folks are not persistent
But whose got the dead presidents cuz mine remain non existent

All my friends are conversating
Waiting at the front door patiently
I still gotta ask one favor
Can I get a twenty for a real good time
Two tens I’m not tryna go crazy
Give you my honesty that I won’t do lines, but I, can’t speak for Stacy
I’ll call you I’ll call you oh the second that I get there
I don’t want you calling other parents because you’re scared listen
I just need a twenty for a real good time two tens I’m not tryna go crazy

Stop staring right thru the window you’re gunna cause a stir
My parents might get upset and not let us leave the burbs
So give me two seconds let me sweet talk em this shouldn’t last more than a minute
But if they ask son where is it you’re going my night may as well be finished

Don’t you run from me
I’ll be back around 10:30
It’s not that easy
Ok I gotta go don’t worry
You’re too young to see
All my friends are in a hurry
Nothings ever free
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