The Last Mr. Bigg - Trial Time Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I started sellin dope back in 1986,
I bought a Cadillac and put them thangs on that bitch,
The brains blowed out with the white leather seats,
Fieners fienin for that butta cuz tha otha shit is weak,
I was only 17 had the neighborhood hooked,
Have em stealin out there crib cuz my crack taste like ribs,
I'm up in the mornin with the rest of these rookies,
You out here sellin them dimes bitch i'm out here sellin them cookies,
I'm flyin outta town gettin them thangs for twelve-five,
Four hundred for an ounce and six fifty when its dry,
Pyrex dishes in tha motherfucking kitchen,
Word around town Mr. Bigg got them chickens,
That nigga bought a house for a small by the lake,
And gave his grandma set of keys to the safe,
Them jealous ass niggas and them hoes started hating,
To see my lil sister drive a Benz to graduation,
I'm tripping on that Hennessey and I'm smoking on them budz,
I still got love for them niggas selling them dubs,
I remember when I use to do tha same shit,
Buy a half-ounce and cut it up and sold the block up,
I can't put my glock up, my glock is my hoe,
And my hoe go everywhere I go,
Which one of you fake ass niggas wanna harm me?
I said you better bring the Navy cause I'm finna bring than Army
Get ya 12 white folks and take dat shit to trial bitch

Yal matha fuckas talking bout given me 20 matha fuckin years
I got 4 matha fuckin lawyers standin right here and we'll strike this bitch up
And if that don't work out Ill make yall bitcheskill me in this matha fuckin court room
So matha fuck you fuck the judge fuck the DA and fuck all you weak ass niggas
[Verse 2:]
I gotta make a plan cuz them laws is on my ass,
I just got a bird and I gotta sell it fast,
They know about the down payments on my third house,
They know about the diamond in my little sister mouth,
They know about benz and the black pathfinder,
They know about the vacation trip I took to China,
They know about the hoe I was fuckin named Kathy,
Heard she got busted wit a bird in Talahasee,
And now they tryna say that the yay belong to me,
I know they tryna get me cuz these niggas keep holdin they nuts on me,
Dickie suits and bullet proofs and steel toes,
You fake ass niggas gone need some real hoes,
I packed my shit cuz it's time for me to go,
I'm getting tired of em kickin in my ma door,
And even though they don't find shit they talk shit,
Askin questions sayin how da fuck you bought that shit,
And how the fuck you don't work but drive different cars,
We got you on the interstate in a Jaguar,
Where da dopa and the matha fuckin guns at,
We'll let you go if you tell us where yo son at,
Shit I don't know nothing light it up and type it up,
And tell the DA get ready cuz we gon strike it up

[Mr. Bigg:] Hello
[Girl:] The damn police kicked my door in this morning lookin for you boy askin me how I bought my house and cars and takin pictures of our shit so you need to go somewhere and hide out for a minute cuz it's hot down here Alright mama
[Mr. Bigg:] I'll holla at you

[Verse 3:]
Im down in New Orleans wit my auntie and my granny,
The clean side of this Mr. Bigg family,
They know I'm on the run so I can't use the phone,
My matha fuckin babies they don't even know I'm gone,
Left my mama 20,000 for my babies and the bill money,
I'm in the attic smoking weed cuz I think this shit is still funny,
Make em kill me or turn myself in shit,
I'm facing life in the god damn pin,
The DA wanna see a nigga fry,
Bringin niggas back from the pin to testify,
Yea I bought some guns from him yea he sold me sum dope,
Niggas telling on me that I never even seen before,
Everybody wanna sell dope and try to get rich,
Out on the corner just waitin to get indited,
You told on yoself then you told on me,
You might of heard of me but you and never bought no bird from me,
Pussy ass niggas got this game fucked up,
Tellin on niggas just to get they time cut,
A SKS with the magnifying scope,
If you wanna fuck wit me bitch you betta get dem white folks
All you hoes and all you niggas better take dat shit to matha fuckin trial
All you hoes and all you niggas better take dat shit to matha fuckin trial

Take dat shit to trial bitch
Take dat shit to trial bitch
Take dat shit to trial bitch
Take dat shit to trial
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