Various Artists - Dark Horse PARODY Key of Awesome Lyrics

Oh no.

Juicy J:
These lyrics are wack! "dark horse" means
an unknown challenger who comes from behind in a competition, yo.
It don't mean having magical powers or have anything to do with ancient Egypt. Didn't anybody proofread this?
Whatever, Juicy J. Katy Perry.
Let's get paid
I'm really smart
I know about histories This work of art
is a documentary
John Mayer is a jerk who lied to me
He's not a Mayor
of anything
I am a witchy Dark horse

You don't understand metaphors

Yes, I do! It's what happens when you metamorph
I took a course
In wordometry
Baby you could be my locksmith
cus having safe sex is what I'm all about
But don't you ever try to milk me I'll chew and spit you out
just like a mad cow


I'll make you quake and cower

Where's she going with this?

By using my horsepower

Wrong! F!

I get condoms from a trojan horse

Can someone explain all the horse expressions to her?

Juicy J:
I can help with dat
Uhn a rocking horse
That's for a kid
A talking horse
That's Mr. Ed
Be careful
Stretch after exercise
Or you could get a charley horse that cramps up both your thighs
Don't put the cart 'fore the horse or
You'll do things out of order
When you think it's the same but turns out different
That's a horse of another color
A one-horse town has a small population
If you hold your horses in music that is called a retardation
Miley's already
Working with Nelly
Justin got Jay-Z
And if Gaga wasn't with R. Kelly
I'd change horses mid-stream
You can lead a horse to water
But you can't make him drink
You can lead a horticulture
But you can't make her think.

The rest of you can get the eff out
I don't even care what a meta is for
I think I should end this song now I don't want to flog it like a dead horse

You finally got one right
A! Plus!
My heart of stone is filled with pride

I see the light at the end of the horse?

Yeah that's close enough
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